How To Play

Use the mouse to select an tile, then click on the tile to spawn a blob. If the tile has a monster already the upgrade panel will appear, here you can upgrade your monster using souls and clicking anywhere on the 4 categories (health, defense, damage and speed).

Monsters can be killed with the skull icon on the upgrade menu, click it twice (once to start deletion and another to confirm)

Map can be scrolled with WASD, or by pressing the right mouse button, or holding the left mouse button and then moving the mouse.

Monster will evolve when they reach a certain requirement.

Heroes will spawn from the left of the screen and they will try to break your crystals. 

Crystals generate soul over time and you  can gain more souls by killing enemy heroes. You can evolve more crystals from the base monster (Blob) and crystal can also be evolved.

Sound can be toggled on/off with the M key and volume can be changed with + and - keys.

The game is over when all your crystals are broken. On the game over screen you can press any key to restart the game.


Some art assets from Kenney Roguelike packs (Heroes and tileset).

Music from OpenGameArt by BBandRage

Sound FX done with BFXR

All other assets are made by me using Blender and Paint.Net

Coded in Haxe ( and with Kha (

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